UK Taxidermy law

Recomended Log Sheet.

The necessity to log acquisition details of all protected specimens is paramount. Legally speaking the information can be stored on a slip of paper but you will find, when applying for sales licenses - especially Article 10's, many questions will be asked and unless you provide the answers with your application, it will be returned or refused. Your application will need to be acompanied by acquisition details and a few notes scrawled on a piece of paper will not suffice. If on the other hand you have completed the recomended Log sheet fully, all that is necessary is a photo-copy with your application.

A recent change has been the need to confirm that the specimen was either gifted to you or sold to you.

Far easier if all this information is stored on one form which you complete when receiving each specimen. You can then get the donors signature as well confirming the gift/sale and legal status.

Ideally; this log sheet can be stored in a ring binder and where an Article 10 licence is necessary, you can store the licence with the log sheet.

Below we show the Log sheet recommended by The Guild of Taxidermists and accepted by DEFRA.

Log sheet word document

For specimens already acquired that do not have the "gifting" clause, and it will be difficult for you to get such a statement from the donor after the event - a special form is available from DEFRA by clicking the following link.

This form is being designed by DEFRA at the moment.


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